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confessed about 496 days ago in parenting. 8 comments. Flagged
my dad is an alcoholic and always puts me down. he acts like i dont have feelings. he's not even a 'father'. i dont know what to do anymore. my mum doesnt care enough to even do anything :c i hate my life. confessed about 2904 days ago in parenting. 0 comments. Flagged
I hate my father. From the bottom of my heart. He is a horrible man. I don't have all the time in the world to explain it, but he revolts me. confessed about 3177 days ago in parenting. 3 comments. Flagged
I raped my daughter. I told her that if she told anybody the bad men would take her away from us. confessed about 4379 days ago in parenting. 7 comments. Flagged

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